Dealing with fashion is what we have always done and we like to do it in the most innovative way possible, welcoming projects that we are increasingly passionate about and "Powerful Mood" is one of these.

The idea of a Shopping Experience that totally embraces our customers, pampering them, enhancing their beauty and proposing something different following the trends of the moment, was an opportunity that we could not pass up.

The "Powerful mood" Collection by Tiziano Colasante and Vor Make-up is now available online and in our two stores in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 177 Caltanissetta and Via Sallemi, 2/8 Caltanissetta; you will be able to discover the capsule and test a selection of Vor Make Up products that the brand has chosen for you based on the color harmony technique.

A journey through the beauty of colors in a sophisticated and innovative panorama, right in the heart of Sicily.

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Travel among the most beautiful boutiques in Italy

Over the years, Cammalleri Boutique has become increasingly recognized and appreciated in the Luxury Retail panorama: it is the passion of the Cammalleri family and their collaborators that influences the choice of the collections of the best brands presented on the most exclusive catwalks in the world.

Passion is not created, it is not invented but it is lived and handed down from generation to generation" - say Piero and Mario Cammalleri - "it is always a thrill to see our stores experienced by the various generations of customers, who experience the world of Cammalleri and they enjoy an ever new and up-to-date experience”.

Research is the engine that animates the Cammalleri's business, a research that is constantly carried out around the world, with the aim of always grasping new stylistic proposals, which correspond to the concept of exclusivity and elegance of the boutique, with the right mix between emotion and rationality. And it is precisely in this contemporary and refined context that the new Harper's Bazaar Italia magazine can also be found, thanks to an initiative, called the "Bazaar Shopping Club", launched in collaboration between the magazine and some of the best-known boutiques in Italy.

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The best clothing stores for children and teenagers? This week, for the column in collaboration with Camera Buyer Italia, the roundup of the most exclusive stores continues with Cammalleri, which offers its unique style in two boutiques in the heart of Caltanisetta

...Since then, what was a wish that had just come true has begun to take off and grow, focusing mainly on the luxury fashion sector, not only for adults but also for children and teenagers. And the two boutiques in Caltanisetta (in Corso Vittorio Emanuele 177 and in Via Sallemi 2/8) have become a point of reference for all fashion enthusiasts and lovers of beauty.

In 2010 Cammalleri Young was born, that is, the Kids Selection by Cammalleri store of the best international brands: the goal is to bring the whole family to the boutique, offering a unique shopping experience that makes everyone happy. And at the same time, children and teenagers can find a space dedicated to their world and their desires, with all the most popular brands of the moment.

Some idea? You will find all the collections by GCDS, Woolrich, Herno, C.P. Company, St.Barth, Marcelo Burlon Kids of Milan, Roy Roger's and Colmar.

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