Fashion in the family DNA

1948 is the year of the great post-war changes in Italy and in the world.

It is the year when the Constitution of the Republic enters into force, the elections for the first Republican Parliament are held and the Christian Democracy obtains 49% of the votes and the absolute majority of the seats.

The United Nations General Assembly adopts the "Convention for the prevention and repression of the crime of genocide" and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is signed in Paris.

There is an important evolution of the economic fabric and the textile sector becomes the first in manufacturing exports.

In this political framework of rebirth and change, Italy acquires an increasing awareness of the intrinsic value of fashion and thus begins the process of affirming and expanding Made in Italy on foreign markets.

Cammalleri Group

In an atmosphere of economic and cultural ferment, the Cammalleri Group brand was born, a unique reference point in the scenario of Luxury Retail and for over 70 years synonymous with style, elegance and high quality tailoring.

An activity that is based on family heritage.

A story of passion, research and entrepreneurial instinct, which has been handed down for three generations.

The Cammalleri Group was born from an idea of ​​the founding partner Angelo Cammalleri, marking the beginning of an evolution that has never hinted at stopping.

To date, the company is present in the Caltanissetta area with 2 sales points on two retail structures owned by the family, located in the historic center, of about 1000 square meters each.

Real "concept stores", without space and offer limitations, just as the current trend of high fashion multi-brand at international level wants.

From 1992 to 2002, the Cammalleri group collaborated with the Max Mara company and manages some stores in the Sicilian territory of the Max & Co. brand.

From November 2012 to April 2013, the group expanded its geographical horizons, with the opening of a "Temporany store" in Instabul (Turkey), a moment of great professional growth that leads to the knowledge of new territories, different from Italy.

Exclusive creations, ranging from basic to classic, up to the ceremony, characterized by an extreme attention to detail, to the detail and designed to satisfy even the most demanding customer, always supported with dedication in the choice of the single garment and in the personalized study of the outfits.

The quality of fine fabrics and leathers, the perfection of the cut and the manufacture, the choice of models, materials, shapes and colors that by combining perfectly fit for fit and personality identify the Cammalleri "brand".

The continuous evolutions that have marked the path of the most important fashion firms combined with the innovative spirit of the brand, have led it to renew itself and expand its range of action, until the birth, in 2010, of a second store, “Cammalleri Loft 3 ”, also located in the heart of Caltanissetta and emblem of the elegant and cosmopolitan style.

Refined design spaces frame the most prestigious brands on the international fashion scene.

Both stores offer a wide product range, expertly calibrated, an exclusive selection of clothing and accessories from the most prestigious brands, alongside the creations of the most avant-garde emerging designers, the result of the continuous research work of the buying team Cammalleri, always present at the most important international fashion shows.

Because research is the engine that drives the Cammalleri's business, a research that takes place constantly around the world, with the aim of always grasping new stylistic proposals, which correspond to its own concept of exclusivity and elegance, with the right mix between emotion and rationality.

The evolution also affects the social structure of the Cammalleri Group, in which the third generation, made up of the sons of Piero and Mario Cammalleri: Angelo Pio, Marcello and Angelo, has also come into full swing since 2006.

The unique and personal, elegant and refined taste of the Cammalleri group, the result of the mix of experience and current events, is the basis for the selection and interpretation of trends from all over the world.

Since 2011, the Cammalleri Group company has been included in the list of "BEST SHOP" of the Chamber of Fashion Buyers, which associates the owners of high-end Italian multi-brand stores.

And the story continues ...