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Women's bags: you can never have enough

There are women's bags of all types, colors, shapes and sizes.

But every woman knows that her bag is much more than just a fashion accessory.

A woman's purse is an ocean of secrets!

Mary Poppins knows something about it ... but the truth is that no matter how many bags you buy in your lifetime, you will never have enough!

The binomial bag-woman encloses a magical world.

Your bag says much more about you than you think.

Do you love big bags? You are definitely a very organized and dynamic type, who loves carrying everything you need and always have it at hand, even if sometimes your bag reaches the same weight as a hand luggage and what you are looking for is always in basically, very deep.

Do you prefer small bags? You are definitely a woman who loves the essentials and loves to feel free, without too many weights. You can optimize the space at your disposal, even if sometimes this means having to sacrifice tissues for lipstick: but you know, there is nothing more essential than the superfluous!

Do you always and only use the timeless black bag? You prefer the substance to the form. Schematic, rigorous and methodical, risk is not really your job, but you are a reliable person, on whom you can always count.

If, on the other hand, you always use only colored bags, you are a self-confident, imaginative and original person. You are not afraid of anything, not even the most daring combinations. Maybe just to go unnoticed, but you already know that the problem does not even arise in the slightest.

Elegant bags, special handbags: fashion bags are a woman's best friend

If you are looking for a valid substitute for your inseparable leather handbag for your more casual outfits, or the studded it-girl bag, now worn out for all the times when it has accompanied you practically everywhere, you are certainly in the right place!

Visit the women's bags section of our site.

The Cammalleri staff has selected for you a wide range of designer bags that will be able to satisfy your every need, and that you will want to carry with you on every adventure, like a faithful friend.

Buying bags online can be insidious, especially if you are looking for designer handbags, but here we guarantee total security and authenticity for your purchases, fast shipments throughout Italy and a team always available for your every need.

You just have to choose your new bag and buy it!

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