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Women's trousers: a passe-partout with the flavor of freedom

Elegant or casual women's trousers, a passe-partout garment to combine style and freedom.

Elegant or sporty, in fabric, leather or jeans, pleated, wide or narrow, cigarette or bell-shaped, the trousers have a thousand souls and a thousand personalities, all versatile, practical, comfortable and no less intriguing for this.

This is also why women's trousers are a garment loved by all women. But until a few centuries ago, wearing a pair of pants was a thoughtless act of rebellion for a woman.

How did they become a socially accepted garment?

Women's fashion trousers

If wearing women's trousers today is normal for girls and ladies of all ages, one should not think that it has always been this way.

The first woman who introduced the use of this controversial garment in women's fashion was Amelia Bloomer, who in the 1800s aroused scandal with her Turkish woman trousers, inspired by oriental clothing, which were then called bloomers in her honor.

Followed by the legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt, who was the first to wear them on stage in the early 1900s, and the French writer Colette who showed herself in fluid pants for the launch of her novel "Claudine".

But fashion was still far from introducing women's trousers into the vogue collections.

The creator of this revolutionary entry into the world of fashion was Coco Chanel.

Visionary style icon, the unforgettable French designer was inspired by the sailors' uniforms.

At the turn of the two World Wars, at a time when many women worked instead of men engaged in war, she introduced soft and light trousers into her collections, which were used by women first on the beach and for work, and later also in the city.

Then movie divas such as Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn thought of making classic women's trousers garments for the general public. The rest is history!

Types of pants and types of woman: to each their own

In this section of our site you will find a selection of different women's trousers models that we have carefully selected from the collections of the best brands, to meet the tastes and needs of every woman.

So make yourself comfortable, start taking a look and buy your favorites!

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