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Women's jackets: the great classic that never tires!

If you had to choose a jacket which one would you choose?

A jacket is truly forever! Think of the women's jackets that have alternated over the years and their ability to always adapt to the latest trends.

Jackets are a garment that cannot be missing in the wardrobe: leather jackets, with or without straps, the timeless bolero and all its reinterpretations with different fabrics and patterns, outerwear, elegant women's jackets ...

Wear your style: women's jackets for all tastes

In Sex and The City, Mr Big and Carrie said:

How about a diamond?

Just give me a giant closet!

Who wouldn't want it? We conceived our e-shop as your digital closet where you can return whenever you think: "I have nothing to put!"

Fast shipments and a wide choice of brands and garments to create the outfit suitable for any occasion!

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You will certainly find the jacket that's right for you: the jacket suitable for the office or the perfect one for an aperitif with friends, women's leather jackets or the classic jacket to be worn on jeans.

You just have to make yourself comfortable on the sofa and hear the call of the jacket pronouncing your name!

Because fashion is like true love: you choose it, it chooses you ... it is mutual love!

Rigorous, classic, original and lively: women's jackets are just like you!

Every woman has her personality, her way of dealing with life ... and yes, it is so beautiful!

Jackets are just like you: rigorous, classic, original and lively. Choose the one that best matches your way of being, have fun daring with looks that combine different styles or colors or opt for a tone on tone with a bon ton taste.

Our selection of jackets satisfies every style ... and every experimentation!

Try to enrich a total black metropolitan look, created with a classic black jacket with showy accessories and complete it, for example, with women's sneakers with a casual but always chic touch!

Or visit the skirts category and combine a full skirt with a long-cut jacket to be enhanced with a handbag with an urban chic flavor!

If you like playing with your look, women's jackets are waiting for you: combine them with a minidress, wear them with jeans or choose a contrasting jacket that breaks a monochromatic outfit base.

Imagine yourself: you can!