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Women's shoes: can you resist temptation?

Cinderella teaches that a pair of shoes can really change lives and Carrie, in Sex and The City, points out that there are two things you can never get enough of: good friends and good shoes.

So do not feel guilty if that pair of shoes is making your eyes sweet and you cannot resist: there is a good chance that to change the world you will really need those shoes!

Sandals, boots, décolleté, ballerinas: at any moment its shoe!

Every woman has her own favorite model: the sportiest ones cannot do without sneakers; there are those who cannot give up their boots even in summer and those who cannot live without heels.

Then there are those who, instead, have their own wardrobe of shoes of all kinds and models: ballet flats or flat shoes for the day, décolleté for the office, twelve heels for the evening and an indefinite quantity of boots and ankle boots to experience everything the beauty of winter as a true fashionista!

Women's shoes: what type are you?

Cammalleri has been dressing women for years. Entering our store means finding a person who will listen to you and guide you in your choice, with discretion and availability.

You are the one who chooses your style, but we are at your side to help you be impeccable or even just to have a well-trained eye that will advise you and make you shine in the best version of you!

Browse our selection of shoes: we have created a simple e-shop that allows you to browse all the models of women's shoes available but with our selection upstream!

It's like being able to count on a first consultation that will allow you to choose only between the trends of the moment and the great classics of women's shoes that cannot be missing.

Visit the category and you will find:

  • Elegant women's shoes

  • Multiple sizes available, including large size women's shoes

  • Women's shoes with heels

Footwear for every season, from winter to spring women's shoes, from summer to autumn women's shoes

The best brands selected for you by the Cammalleri experience

When in doubt: give a pair of shoes!

Your birthday is coming or you simply want to surprise her with a gift: with shoes you will never be wrong!

Shoes are always a good gift and our e-shop is here to simplify your purchase, so you can buy them in a few minutes from the comfort of your home or while on a business trip, simply from your smartphone.

If you are looking for a shoe for a specific occasion or simply because there are never enough shoes, you are in the right place!

You can count on our collection of women's shoes online and take the opportunity to combine them with a new dress or skirt you have long wanted!

Life is too short not to buy a new pair of shoes!

Good shopping from Cammalleri.