Miniskirt, midi skirt or long skirt: each has its own!

Not all women love to wear a skirt or, at least, they don't like to wear one in which they don't feel comfortable.

Yet the skirts, slowly, manage to conquer the heart of the most resistant women! You just need to find the right skirt, capable of enhancing the shapes and making them feel completely themselves.

Full or long skirt, high-waisted skirt or even ... short skirts, midi or bell-shaped skirts: there are truly different models and different reinterpretations of the most iconic garment in the history of fashion!

The skirt has ancient origins: in antiquity skirts and tunics were the only garment that "equalized" the sexes.

From simple and linear, over the years they have become large and sumptuous.

In the Renaissance, the birth of the merchant class allowed the circulation of precious and precious fabrics, which made the clothes very rich and the skirts loose and fluffy.

And then ... how can we forget the high-waisted skirts of the 1930s, the typical 1950s full skirt and the miniskirt, an icon of rebellion and emancipation in the 1960s ?!

The history of the skirt in fashion is as fascinating as it is constantly evolving.

A piece of clothing that has taken on the task of embodying political and social achievements and which still seems to have that little bit more today!

I want a woman

Woman with a skirt ...

So Vecchioni sang in 1992 ... yes but: with what kind of skirt?

Browse the "skirts" category and discover the vast assortment. You will find a selection of the best women's clothing brands and a skirt for every occasion:

  • Long skirt

  • Midi and short

  • At wheel

  • Jeans skirt

  • High waist skirt

  • Pencil skirt

  • Pleated skirt ... and much more!

How to match the skirt in the best way?

It just depends on you! In winter you can combine a short skirt with opaque stockings and a turtleneck sweater, or you can opt for a leather midi skirt to wear with a shirt and a blazer.

In summer you can have fun showing off long skirts with simple tops and super flat jewel sandals.

Visit our collection of skirts and create your style by combining it with one of our proposals that you find in the section "women's shirts", "t-shirts" or "knitwear".

Live, love ... shine!