Women's shirts

Women's shirts: the timeless classic to interpret according to your style!

White, striped, polka dot patterns ... what are we talking about? Of the undisputed queens of the wardrobe: women's shirts!

The shirt is among the most worn and eclectic items in the wardrobe.

So loved by women to be "stolen" even from the closet of the men of the house to be worn with belts and accessories that make it super feminine!

Women's shirts conquer because they are perfect for any occasion: worn with jeans, combined with a pencil skirt, tied at the waist leaving space for a deep neckline but with a bon ton taste.

Known since Roman times, the shirt has never gone out of style, becoming an icon of style over the years.

Women's shirts online: certain loves never end!

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Women's shirts collection: the most popular brands just a click away

How do women's shirts match?

It just depends on you!

Women's shirts are a canvas that you will paint with your personality: cotton shirt for long days at the office, shirt with fantasy print to combine with soft high-waisted trousers for sportswear lovers, elegant women's shirts for a special evening to wear with cigarette trousers and heel 12!

Each woman has multiple souls, Cammalleri dresses them all!

Whether you are looking for an elegant or masculine women's shirt, whether you are a lover of romantic blouses or particular women's shirts models, our collection is designed to bring out the best version of you!