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How to choose men's shoes?

Whether it's a formal look or a more casual outfit, in men's clothing, men's shoes have a central role.

Men's shoes complete our outfit!

There are many different models of shoes, but which one to choose? Sometimes just one detail is enough to make your perfect outfit.

The choice of men's shoes is certainly complicated and is closely linked to the outfit chosen for the occasion.

Remember that the wrong pair of shoes can immediately destroy your style, do not make disasters!

Do you have an important occasion where the dress code is formal? Choose men's lace-up shoes, the Oxford model proposed by Canali is, for example, perfect for the occasions when you are called to wear a suit.

The dress code is informal but you don't want to give up a touch of class? Why not combine double buckle Monks or Brogues with Roy Roger's jeans? You would create an unmistakable style and not give up a touch of elegance!

For your free time instead, choose an Invicta sneaker for a more urban look.

How to match men's lace-up shoes?

Men's lace-up shoes are the ideal shoes not to disfigure in any situation, neither when the dress code is formal nor when it is informal. However, care must be taken to match it correctly to our outfit.

Lace-up shoes have a slight heel which, in addition to increasing balance, increases height and slims the calf.

For a casual look, you can wear a Derby model, excellent for an informal and sporty look.

Choose a dark Oxford model for formal occasions, the Tagliatore models with their smooth polishing and their paints are perfect to wear under a classic tuxedo or under a pinstripe suit. Choose colors like brown instead if you want to combine the shoe with a tweed dress or more casual jackets.

The comfort and quality of the materials are fundamental aspects of this type of shoes, for this reason, Cammalleri and his team have been selecting only the best brands for years to guarantee quality.

Do not compromise your outfit with unsuitable men's shoes just because you have a low budget, aim for quality but above all for the versatility of the shoe!

For example, a Brague model is an excellent choice for obtaining versatility, a shoe that will not disfigure you in any context.

Men's sneakers, which one to choose?

Sneakers cannot be missing from your wardrobe! Over the years, men's shoes have become the most versatile footwear ever.

Am318 shoes are perfect for a casual look, to give a touch of style to your outfit.

Sneakers are synonymous with comfort but in recent years it has also been launched in less formal areas creating very original and trendy outfits.

For example, a white Am 318 shoe could be used, without too many inserts, with a sportier jacket.