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Men's vest when to wear it?

The men's vest is one of the garments that should never be missing in the male wardrobe, it is an item of clothing that is too often underestimated, not understanding its real potential.

The men's vest can give a classic and refined but also casual touch to your look.

It is a very versatile garment that can, in fact, be used for formal occasions, such as weddings, or in situations where the dress code is informal.

How to match the men's vest?

It is essential to choose the right vest for your outfit!

It is possible to combine the vest with any type of shirt, with the bow tie or with a tie but also with a simple jeans. It all depends on your style but above all on the formal code of the evening.

If the dress code of the evening is formal and you decide to wear a tailcoat or a tight, an elegant Tagliatore men's vest can give you a touch of elegance and sophistication.

In the event that the vest is combined with formal wear, this must be totally buttoned, thus giving an elegant and impeccable image.

On all other occasions, the last button is usually not buttoned to give comfort to those who use it.

The vest, contrary to what you think, is an extremely versatile garment, it goes well with the scarf, bow ties and ties, but a combination of a wool, velvet or tweed vest with a Roy jeans is not to be excluded Roger's is a t-shirt or shirt.

It is easy to combine shoes too, a pair of Oxford but also Derby are good, not to be underestimated even a combination with ankle boots or sneakers.

It is important not to combine a men's vest with a belt, the vest must adhere perfectly to the body and give a slender and slender appearance, it is better therefore to avoid any type of swelling of the fabric in order not to ruin the vest line, better to opt for suspenders.

Where to buy men's vests?

Choosing the right vest is a difficult task, remember that it can give a touch of class and originality more and create an intriguing image.

First you have to choose the size, the vest must be snug and not too short, but not too long to not unbalance the figure and compromise the line of the dress.

A group of professionals in the sector will help you choose the perfect men's vest, for years Cammalleri has chosen the best brands to guarantee class and quality to its customers.