Jacket and Trenches

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Jacket and Trenches

Man coat, which one to choose?

Choosing a men's coat is always difficult.

Every man has asked himself at least once in his life which and how to choose the perfect overcoat for his outfit.

In the winter months, the coat is your business card, think about it! Often you go in such a hurry that you don't even have time to take it off and show the outfit you have chosen carefully.

There is a large number of men's coats, are you ready to choose the perfect one for you?

For years, Cammalleri has chosen some of the best Made in Italy brands to always guarantee quality garments.

Do you have a business appointment or an important ceremony?

A long man coat is definitely the one for you. An overcoat that does not give up elegance and that will respect the formal dress code of the evening.

The most worn coats are certainly the black, anthracite and navy blue ones, that is the must-haves that every man should have in his wardrobe.

A black man coat is a very elegant garment, suitable for very formal situations.

A navy blue coat is a timeless classic that will easily adapt to a formal event as an easier event.

An anthracite coat, on the other hand, is an excellent substitute for blue.

Do you have a special evening and want to maintain a youthful look while maintaining a certain elegance?

Choose a Canali short man coat, a Made in Italy coat that will strengthen your style and give you a touch of elegance making you in step with fashion.

In autumn, instead, choose a trench coat, a lighter and more suitable garment for the season, with its classic double-breasted fastening, its belt and the triangular fold overlaid on the fastening.

A timeless classic that you can use in contexts where the dress code is formal and non-formal.

If the evening's dress is informal but you don't want to give up that touch of elegance that sets you apart, try combining a Canali double-breasted coat with a timeless Roy Roger's jeans and a turtleneck sweater, you will give a new, more urban, dimension to a garment of clothing so formal that it can be used over a dress.

Men's jacket, which one to choose?

Do you want to keep up with the times?

Choosing a jacket like a men's coat is not always easy, Cammalleri and his team of fashion experts have been carefully choosing the best Made in Italy models for years to give an extra touch to your style.

During the winter you cannot give up on a Colmar men's jacket, a garment that guarantees, in addition to a great quality of materials, refined finishes that give your style an extra boost.

For the midseason, you cannot give up a leather jacket, a classic for those who love a casual and sporty style, ideal for those with a rebellious and rock soul!

The classic Roy Roger's leather jacket can be the protagonist of a perfect casual look to face everyday urban challenges with an unmistakable style.

You cannot do without even a timeless denim jacket with the fantastic Roy Roger's washes. Combine a casual touch with your outfit.

Where to buy a men's coat or jacket online?

The choice of the size of your coat or jacket is very important, a specialized team will help you find what is perfect for you and that will fit you perfectly. Cammalleri has been synonymous with quality and seriousness for years.

Define your look with us!