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Man suit for all occasions, how to choose?

Your image, in any area, has a very important role.

It becomes essential, therefore, to choose a men's suit consistent with the occasion for which you are called to wear it, but above all not to miss the code of formality.

The choice of the elegant suit is very conditioned by the build that strongly influences our choice, therefore it will be essential to choose those elegant clothes with a good fit that adapt more to our body and our look.

The classic suit must fit perfectly, the right proportions give harmony to the dress by creating a real tailored suit.

We have selected the best brands to help you find an elegant and perfect men's suit for any occasion!

How not to fall in love with the distinctive textures and enveloping fabrics of Canali or the continuous search for excellence and perfection of Luigi Bianchi men's suits? They are real passepartout for any occasion.

A bluette men's suit is definitely recommended for the evening when the dress code is formal, but also the elegant men's suits from the Canali and Tagliatore collection will help you communicate elegance, rigor and credibility, three of the characteristics that will make you the king of the evening and they will give you the opportunity to express your individuality.

What to wear over a man suit?

For your elegant evenings how not to combine the elegant garment par excellence?

For example, a Canali coat model Chersterfield, characteristic for its thin and slender line and for its medium-wide lapels.

An elegant garment that can be used in any situation!

Combining a man's suit with a classic black coat, an anthracite or even navy blue will make you respect the formal rules of the evening but will make you feel comfortable in any context and will bring out your style.

Where to buy men's suit online?

Cammalleri is the perfect destination for you who want to be at the same time elegant and in step with the latest trends, remember that the style of the men's suit must perfectly reflect the style of the wearer!

A specialized team interested in your needs will help you make a choice, in terms of outfits, in line with the rules of formality that will regulate your evening, choosing from the best Made in Italy brands.