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Men's clothing for an unmistakable style

For over 70 years Cammalleri has been synonymous with quality men's clothing and attention to detail, combining a taste for elegance with collaboration with some of the most important designers in the Fashion industry.

Attention to details and customer needs has always distinguished the company.

Clothing for a man is one of the main business cards in any area, choosing the right item of clothing becomes an essential choice.

Do you prefer an elegant men's suit or a more casual look?


Men's clothing online is Cammalleri.


Here you will find everything you need:

Formal men's clothing

Casual men's clothing

Urban style men's clothing

Formal men's clothing: elegant men's clothes

For important occasions, the originality of the garment must certainly enhance the class and personality of the man who wears it.


It is important for a man to have an elegant and sober but also original look, which allows you to keep up with fashion.


But how can you be elegant and fashionable at the same time? Just knowing how to choose!


For an important occasion, you cannot give up the soft silhouettes of Canali dresses or the warm and bright colors of unstructured Tagliatore dresses, clothes that will allow you to respect the evening's dress code but also to be à la page.


Stylish and elegant men's suits to buy easily online.

We have selected for you some of the best brands, obviously Made in Italy, to guarantee you a refined look that will create a perfect balance between elegance and refinement.


A common feature of these brands is the continuous search for excellence which is guaranteed by a careful selection of materials.


Casual men's clothing: passwords? Elegance and versatility


Casual style is a style that easily adapts to any situation and occasion, allows you to easily break the link with the classic and monotonous dress code.


Are you looking for a youthful and dynamic style that does not forget the attention to detail?


Impossible then not to love the RRD collection and the fantastic Roy Roger's jeans with their wonderful washes, as well as the comfortable and elegant shoes of AM 318 that with their style have managed to create a timeless style.


We have worked hard to select the best brands that give you the opportunity to create a comfortable, versatile and above all effective look.


Urban style men's clothing


To face everyday life with comfortable clothing you do not necessarily have to give up a touch of style, do not be afraid to manifest your personality.


Brands such as Colmar, Invicta or Sun68 help you create a decisive, comfortable look that adapts to your needs and reinforces your style.

If, on the other hand, you prefer an exotic look, you cannot fail to fall in love with the Best Company men's garments with their references to distant places.


If you are a person very attentive to your look, Cammalleri is the right e-shop for you!

Fashion consultants specialized in men's clothing that will help you strengthen your style and choose your new outfit in line with new trends and the best brands.